Video Production Services

Sports Video

Produce exciting team highlight videos, promotional videos for sports organizations, instructional videos, and college recruitment videos. Let us capture your skill and passion for the sport.

Sports Video Production Services in Tampa, FL

Corporate & Training

Build a dynamic training or orientation program that that will teach and inspire your employees. Create the right safety environment and bring your company into OSHA compliance. Let us make a video presentation that will meet your internal and external corporate communication needs. We create training video’s that keeps your employee’s attention and improves their retention of information. Save your company time and money by having a video resource that can be utilized at any time.

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Non-Profit & Fundraising

Emotionally and effectively communicate your message to potential donors. Create empathy and motivation in your audience to achieve optimal, goal achieving results.

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Sales & Marketing

Produce a sales video that motivates and compels your buyers.

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Web Video

Engage your online audience with energetic, creative content or client testimonials for your website. deliver your message with an efficient, clear, and simple to understand video. search engines rank sites with video content above those with text and images alone.

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Construction & Owner Training

Document every phase of a construction project, preform a site inspection, or provide instruction about installed equipment or the use of the various features of the building.

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Instructional & Educational

Produce instructional video for distribution that will actually sell. Profitably teach your skills or methods on the web or through DVD media.


Bring your project to life with Animations, Logos, 3D, Model  Characters, and Classic animation.

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Music Video

Bring your dreams to life and get noticed. A well made music video will convey your talent and style to propel you to stardom.

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Live Performance & Events

Capture the essence of a live performance or event with beautiful high-definition video, professional quality sound, and multi-camera angles.

Tribute & Memorial

Create an inspired living tribute to loved ones or memorialize those who have passed away in a touching manner.

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Company Orientation Video

If your company has a high growth rate, a high employee turnover or uses high level personnel to conduct new employee orientation, a well made, custom employee orientation video is the answer for you. Video is an efficient tool that saves you time, money, and company resources. With a video that is tailor made to your companies’ specific needs, each and every new employee will receive the exact same information concerning your facility protocols, general practices, and procedures.

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Graphic Design/Digital Editing

Award winning graphic design for any video, packaging, or website content. Branding is everything in marketing. Let us design a 2D or 30 logo to give your company’s brand a sharp and professional edge. We can give you the branding power you need with a coordinated collection of custom animated logos, business cards, post card mailers, tee-shirts, letterhead, envelopes, coffee cups, or anything else you can imagine. Begin your integrated marketing campaign today. Professional NLE based software, in combination with the latest technology, is used to produce superior results in you final product. We edit all footage no matter what the source. We can utilize the footage you provide or we will be happy to shoot on location or in our studio.

LaJuana Pruitt: Owner and President of Premier Video Productions, Inc.
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